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Rank 1.6: Less than 600 jobs
Jobs Completed Distance Driven | XP Earned Most Hauled(ATS|ETS2) Income(ATS|ETS2|Total) Expenses Highest Pay(ATS | ETS2) Heaviest Load(ATS | ETS2) Time On Duty Last Job Date
587 171,745.23MI | 379,781XP Pink Ribbon Goods (20x) | Pink Ribbon Goods (20x) $1,786,208 | €642,400 | $9,147,438 $6,643,335 (View) $132,907 | €171,592 123,000lbs | 61,750KG12d 2h 36m2020-06-01 18:45:31
ATS Log Book (238,569XP) | View All
Trip ID Journey Cargo Cargo Mass Distance Driven Fuel Consumed Income Trip Time Date
588Yuma, AZ(Centex) - Nogales, AZ(Centex)  Route MapExcavator 44,000lbs 310.98MI55.9Gal$18,2710h 27m2020-06-01 18:45:31
587St. George, UT(DeMuro Cars) - Yuma, AZ(BNSF)  Route MapCars 19,500lbs 493.19MI76.6Gal$31,6980h 59m2020-06-01 17:27:00
586Moab, UT(BHP Billiton) - St. George, UT(Home Depot)  Route MapCement 43,700lbs 372.91MI60.8Gal$16,4730h 33m2020-06-01 10:52:50
585Page, AZ(Texaco) - Moab, UT(Gallon Oil)  Route MapFrac Tank 8,220lbs 314.30MI52.0Gal$19,7500h 33m2020-05-31 20:56:51
584Grand Canyon Village, AZ(Kiewit) - Page, AZ(CAT)  Route MapScraper 90,000lbs 178.38MI35.6Gal$12,4700h 19m2020-05-31 19:21:44
583Kingman, AZ(Kiewit) - Grand Canyon Village, AZ(Kiewit)  Route MapRoadroller 22,000lbs 220.73MI41.2Gal$11,3430h 23m2020-05-31 18:52:40
582Phoenix, AZ(Best Buy) - Kingman, AZ(FedEx)  Route MapEmpty Pallets 43,500lbs 235.45MI51.4Gal$8,4580h 20m2020-05-31 18:14:42
581Socorro, NM(BNSF) - Phoenix, AZ(Chevron)  Route MapLye 40,300lbs 400.64MI68.3Gal$23,9980h 32m2020-05-30 11:51:23
580Kingman, AZ(Centex) - Socorro, NM(BHP Billiton)  Route MapExcavator 44,000lbs 469.60MI81.8Gal$28,4320h 44m2020-05-29 20:54:53
579Salina, UT(ADM) - Flagstaff, AZ(CAT)  Route MapHarvester 36,000lbs 434.23MI75.0Gal$35,8910h 35m2020-05-29 17:38:23
Total Deliveries: 276
ETS2 Log Book (141,212XP) | View All
Trip ID Journey Cargo Cargo Mass Distance Driven Fuel Consumed Income Trip Time Date
575Hunedoara, RO(Oţel Impecabil) - Praha, CZ(DB Schenker)  Extra StatsFloor Panels21,528KG 986.51KM448.7L€28,8221h 2m2020-05-27 19:33:51
574Olsztyn, PL(DB Schenker) - Hunedoara, RO(Log n Stick)  Extra StatsTransformer - PK90047,850KG 1,228.84KM366.8L€46,6391h 24m2020-05-27 18:00:25
571Łódź, PL(Dachser) - Olsztyn, PL(JAF)  Extra StatsLogs22,740KG 271.57KM128.3L€7,2960h 24m2020-05-22 15:50:12
566Kraków, PL(BKP) - Łódź, PL(DHL)  Extra StatsRoofing Felt19,219KG 217.08KM76.6L€6,4620h 18m2020-05-14 10:15:08
565Banská Bystrica, SK(Nagel-Group) - Kraków, PL(DB Schenker)  Extra StatsDry Milk18,602KG 205.92KM107.6L€6,2070h 16m2020-05-09 15:45:04
562Esbjerg, DK(Container port) - Banská Bystrica, SK(Europa Worldwide)  Extra StatsTruck Rims4,995KG 1,540.98KM457.3L€17,6201h 31m2020-04-11 16:27:31
552Pärnu, EST(Õnnelik talu) - Esbjerg, DK(Arla Foods)  Extra StatsContainerized Trees4,620KG 1,103.92KM355.2L€43,8731h 4m2020-03-16 18:47:06
544Vilnius, LT(Ikea) - Pärnu, EST(Suprema)  Extra StatsPotted Flowers3,620KG 421.43KM150.9L€17,6260h 30m2020-03-09 16:55:30
543Cagliari, IT(ACI SRL) - Vilnius, LT(AeroBaltica)  Extra StatsMedical Vaccines5,429KG 2,388.73KM781.8L€171,5922h 20m2020-03-08 22:10:41
540Nice, FR(DB Schenker) - Cagliari, IT(Trasporti Mediterraneo)  Extra StatsSausages17,450KG 977.83KM402.9L€35,9451h 6m2020-03-07 17:21:19
Total Deliveries: 311

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