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Rank 1.6: Less than 600 jobs
Jobs Completed Distance Driven | XP Earned Most Hauled(ATS|ETS2) Income(ATS|ETS2|Total) Expenses Highest Pay(ATS | ETS2) Heaviest Load(ATS | ETS2) Time On Duty Last Job Date
503 106,511.84MI | 233,290XP Pink Ribbon Goods (20x) | Pink Ribbon Goods (20x) $582,834 | €440,804 | $1,075,441 $4,432,101 (View) $132,907 | €61,809 118,500lbs | 61,750KG8d 8h 21m2020-02-23 22:31:27
ATS Log Book (106,411XP) | View All
Trip ID Journey Cargo Cargo Mass Distance Driven Fuel Consumed Income Trip Time Date
504Kingman, AZ(CAT) - Albuquerque, NM(BHP Billiton)  Route MapBulldozer 89,000lbs 556.41MI128.4Gal$40,5780h 38m2020-02-23 22:31:27
503Gallup, NM(Walmart) - Kingman, AZ(FedEx)  Route MapUsed Packaging 38,772lbs 320.06MI48.6Gal$11,2570h 22m2020-02-23 19:07:14
502Vernal, UT(CAT) - Gallup, NM(Centex)  Route MapAll Terrain Crane 77,500lbs 516.86MI144.5Gal$36,9460h 53m2020-02-22 15:51:27
501Ogden, UT(Centex) - Vernal, UT(CAT)  Route MapLift Truck 118,500lbs 236.75MI81.2Gal$18,3720h 32m2020-02-21 21:26:59
500Salina, UT(CAT) - Ogden, UT(BNSF)  Route MapMilling Machine 97,000lbs 159.13MI34.6Gal$12,0480h 19m2020-02-21 18:56:31
499Ely, NV(Kiewit) - Salina, UT(CAT)  Route MapScraper 90,000lbs 260.07MI63.3Gal$19,1070h 26m2020-02-20 21:32:43
498Vernal, UT(Gallon Oil) - Ely, NV(Kiewit)  Route MapBackhoe Loader 16,500lbs 478.79MI87.6Gal$25,7820h 38m2020-02-20 18:31:44
497Farmington, NM(Centex) - Vernal, UT(CAT)  Route MapLift Truck 118,500lbs 442.07MI143.8Gal$37,0450h 52m2020-02-19 20:55:19
496Provo, UT(Centex) - Farmington, NM(CAT)  Route MapBulldozer 89,000lbs 421.91MI131.1Gal$30,9880h 44m2020-02-19 05:53:05
494Fresno, CA(Centex) - Provo, UT(Centex)  Route MapBulldozer 40,100lbs 684.33MI142.9Gal$38,5380h 55m2020-02-18 21:04:00
Total Deliveries: 203
ETS2 Log Book (126,879XP) | View All
Trip ID Journey Cargo Cargo Mass Distance Driven Fuel Consumed Income Trip Time Date
495Dijon, FR(Nagel-Group) - Montpellier, FR(Globeur)  Extra StatsYogurt17,229KG 485.50KM210.4L€16,6630h 31m2020-02-19 15:53:07
493Limoges, FR(BOISSERIE J-P) - Dijon, FR(BayWa)  Extra StatsWooden Beams22,361KG 610.70KM295.5L€18,9060h 36m2020-02-17 18:15:15
488Torino, IT(Ceva) - Limoges, FR(Hellman)  Extra StatsStraw Bales15,352KG 814.34KM333.5L€22,8360h 48m2020-02-14 21:11:42
487Warszawa, PL(Bilfinger) - Torino, IT(BayWa)  Extra StatsReservoir Tank11,230KG 1,571.74KM540.2L€61,8091h 23m2020-02-14 11:32:27
486Szeged, HU(BKP) - Warszawa, PL(DHL)  Extra StatsLow Bed Semi-trailers11,720KG 803.39KM322.9L€29,1430h 52m2020-02-13 22:24:08
485Timișoara, RO(DomDepo) - Szeged, HU(Dachser)  Extra StatsConcrete Centering18,400KG 188.69KM100.3L€3,9590h 24m2020-02-13 11:07:19
484Pleven, BG(Радус) - Timișoara, RO(Fallow Cargo)  Extra StatsConcrete Beams17,500KG 595.32KM287.3L€7,6050h 50m2020-02-12 21:51:39
482Pitești, RO(DomDepo) - Pleven, BG(ДомДепо)  Extra StatsLumber17,520KG 328.53KM161.3L€6,0040h 33m2020-02-12 17:15:28
480Târgu Mureș, RO(Fallow Cargo) - Pitești, RO(Spinelli)  Extra StatsVentilation Shaft4,830KG 411.79KM171.4L€14,4270h 34m2020-01-04 12:55:04
479București, RO(Cemeltex) - Târgu Mureș, RO(Fallow Cargo)  Extra StatsReservoir Tank11,230KG 448.67KM204.3L€15,8010h 36m2020-01-04 07:22:54
Total Deliveries: 300

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