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Rank 1.7: Less than 700 jobs
Jobs Completed Distance Driven | XP Earned Most Hauled(ATS|ETS2) Income(ATS|ETS2|Total) Expenses Highest Pay(ATS | ETS2) Heaviest Load(ATS | ETS2) Time On Duty Last Job Date
641 193,989.06MI | 428,336XP Pink Ribbon Goods (20x) | Pink Ribbon Goods (20x) $1,765,761 | €626,133 | $10,316,873 $7,851,396 (View) $132,907 | €171,592 123,000lbs | 61,750KG13d 15h 18m2020-07-03 15:41:02
ATS Log Book (279,970XP) | View All
Trip ID Journey Cargo Cargo Mass Distance Driven Fuel Consumed Income Trip Time Date
642Elko, NV(Centex) - Newport, OR(Zena Forest Products)  Route MapBulldozer 40,100lbs 614.73MI108.4Gal$38,5340h 53m2020-07-03 15:41:02
640Vernal, UT(CAT) - Elko, NV(BNSF)  Route MapStumper 39,500lbs 425.57MI79.7Gal$34,0360h 43m2020-07-01 22:08:39
639Provo, UT(Centex) - Vernal, UT(CAT)  Route MapLift Truck 118,500lbs 176.19MI61.9Gal$15,9110h 26m2020-07-01 16:07:24
638Wenatchee, WA(CAT) - Provo, UT(Centex)  Route MapBulldozer 40,100lbs 1,108.72MI210.3Gal$68,6381h 28m2020-06-30 15:59:32
637Spokane, WA(BNSF) - Wenatchee, WA(Whole Foods Market)  Route MapButter 39,204lbs 194.34MI36.2Gal$9,4980h 29m2020-06-29 21:58:36
636Colville, WA(FedEx) - Spokane, WA(BNSF)  Route MapHome Accessories 44,126lbs 56.80MI11.3Gal$3,3690h 16m2020-06-27 17:44:10
635Omak, WA(ADM) - Colville, WA(FedEx)  Route MapNuts 35,098lbs 155.70MI34.8Gal$5,9710h 21m2020-06-27 17:21:01
634Ontario, OR(General Mills) - Omak, WA(Walgreens)  Route MapFrozen Food 39,992lbs 514.95MI96.3Gal$25,3980h 53m2020-06-27 15:15:59
633Price, UT(ADM) - Ontario, OR(Walgreens)  Route MapFlour 48,590lbs 747.89MI148.9Gal$38,7831h 3m2020-06-26 20:03:17
632Jackpot, NV(FedEx) - Price, UT(Kenworth)  Route MapOffice Supplies 36,983lbs 371.84MI65.2Gal$16,8450h 46m2020-06-26 15:42:55
Total Deliveries: 314
ETS2 Log Book (148,366XP) | View All
Trip ID Journey Cargo Cargo Mass Distance Driven Fuel Consumed Income Trip Time Date
641Torino, IT(JCB) - Bern, CH(BayWa)  Extra StatsTractors11,390KG 315.97KM183.1L€10,4740h 24m2020-07-02 19:48:09
606Genova, IT(Costruzione di Edifici) - Torino, IT(Ceva)  Extra StatsExcavator24,720KG 133.99KM64.2L€5,5000h 9m2020-06-05 17:51:23
605Milano, IT(Cargotras) - Genova, IT(Costruzione di Edifici)  Extra StatsLarge Tubes22,840KG 353.53KM163.7L€10,6500h 26m2020-06-05 17:34:53
604Genova, IT(Costruzione di Edifici) - Milano, IT(Cargotras)  Extra StatsBackhoe Loader8,380KG 310.76KM117.5L€12,1230h 20m2020-06-05 17:05:49
603Torino, IT(Ceva) - Genova, IT(Costruzione di Edifici)  Extra StatsCement22,510KG 163.72KM77.4L€5,0490h 12m2020-06-04 23:45:24
602Genova, IT(Costruzione di Edifici) - Torino, IT(Ceva)  Extra StatsScrap Metals15,730KG 133.81KM54.6L€3,7780h 8m2020-06-04 23:29:54
601Bologna, IT(Exomar) - Genova, IT(Costruzione di Edifici)  Extra StatsDiesel25,000KG 533.98KM264.1L€22,3180h 34m2020-06-04 23:18:42
600Genova, IT(Costruzione di Edifici) - Bologna, IT(Exomar)  Extra StatsWheel Loader15,400KG 353.25KM140.5L€13,7110h 21m2020-06-04 21:51:00
599Verona, IT(DHL) - Genova, IT(Costruzione di Edifici)  Extra StatsIron Pipes18,760KG 319.61KM125.1L€8,7890h 18m2020-06-04 21:25:58
598Genova, IT(Costruzione di Edifici) - Verona, IT(DHL)  Extra StatsExcavator24,720KG 297.16KM131.2L€11,8280h 18m2020-06-04 21:03:12
Total Deliveries: 327

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