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Rank 1.7: Less than 700 jobs
Jobs Completed Distance Driven | XP Earned Most Hauled(ATS|ETS2) Income(ATS|ETS2|Total) Expenses Highest Pay(ATS | ETS2) Heaviest Load(ATS | ETS2) Time On Duty Last Job Date
679 204,711.08MI | 451,526XP Pink Ribbon Goods (20x) | Pink Ribbon Goods (20x) $1,830,691 | €466,698 | $10,916,612 $8,564,376 (View) $132,907 | €171,592 123,000lbs | 61,750KG14d 12h 50m2020-08-10 16:54:08
ATS Log Book (290,024XP) | View All
Trip ID Journey Cargo Cargo Mass Distance Driven Fuel Consumed Income Trip Time Date
664Boise, ID(Best Buy) - Elko, NV(Walmart)  Route MapOffice Supplies 36,983lbs 223.30MI50.3Gal$10,5120h 30m2020-07-21 17:06:51
663Lewiston, ID(Evraz) - Boise, ID(Centex)  Route MapVentilation Shaft 11,905lbs 273.84MI56.7Gal$12,1410h 31m2020-07-21 14:34:11
662Kennewick, WA(BNSF) - Lewiston, ID(Schnitzer Steel)  Route MapPressure Tank 52,250lbs 162.50MI38.1Gal$12,6650h 17m2020-07-20 20:18:25
661Pocatello, ID(Chevron) - Kennewick, WA(BNSF)  Route MapPesticides 31,500lbs 483.86MI79.2Gal$27,9000h 45m2020-07-20 14:43:33
660Twin Falls, ID(BHP Billiton) - Pocatello, ID(BNSF)  Route MapExcavated Soil 39,000lbs 115.27MI21.5Gal$4,5320h 12m2020-07-19 17:35:05
659Boise, ID(Best Buy) - Twin Falls, ID(Home Depot)  Route MapHousehold Appliances 21,547lbs 107.43MI20.5Gal$6,1170h 22m2020-07-19 17:16:27
658Idaho Falls, ID(Centex) - Boise, ID(Centex)  Route MapConstruction Houses 15,500lbs 245.63MI32.7Gal$4,7880h 28m2020-07-19 16:52:04
657Pocatello, ID(BNSF) - Idaho Falls, ID(Home Depot)  Route MapLumber 56,121lbs 56.48MI11.8Gal$4,3300h 12m2020-07-18 18:48:38
656Boise, ID(Best Buy) - Pocatello, ID(Drake Cars)  Route MapCar Parts 8,000lbs 195.01MI26.9Gal$4,3210h 20m2020-07-18 15:10:57
655Coeur d'Alene, ID(Zena Forest Products) - Boise, ID(Zena Forest Products)  Route MapLogs 31,177lbs 334.93MI75.8Gal$10,4680h 35m2020-07-18 14:34:19
Total Deliveries: 335
ETS2 Log Book (161,502XP) | View All
Trip ID Journey Cargo Cargo Mass Distance Driven Fuel Consumed Income Trip Time Date
681Poznań, PL(Europa Worldwide) - Hannover, D(DB Schenker)  Extra StatsTractor - RS-66613,400KG 485.63KM188.9L€19,3910h 33m2020-08-10 16:54:08
680Olsztyn, PL(JCB) - Poznań, PL(Europa Worldwide)  Extra StatsUsed Packaging20,252KG 305.56KM113.8L€7,8870h 22m2020-08-02 15:41:55
679Kaliningrad, RU(Ладога авто) - Olsztyn, PL(DB Schenker)  Extra StatsUsed Car Batteries17,229KG 167.78KM89.6L€4,3460h 26m2020-07-30 20:28:53
678Šiauliai, LT(BLT) - Kaliningrad, RU(Росмарк)  Extra StatsMotorcycles15,048KG 278.72KM155.7L€13,6470h 26m2020-07-29 18:14:12
677Valmiera, LV(Lateds) - Šiauliai, LT(BLT)  Extra StatsBeef21,622KG 336.84KM152.6L€8,3460h 31m2020-07-26 18:35:47
676Tallinn, EST(Marina) - Valmiera, LV(GNT)  Extra StatsYacht6,500KG 416.42KM199.3L€19,9680h 41m2020-07-26 14:34:16
675Vilnius, LT(Vilniaus Popieriaus Fabrikas) - Tallinn, EST(Renar Logistik)  Extra StatsOffice Paper18,229KG 622.04KM257.6L€17,5460h 47m2020-07-26 10:34:53
674Warszawa, PL(DHL) - Vilnius, LT(NCH)  Extra StatsConcrete Beams51,030KG 445.95KM242.4L€12,7330h 35m2020-07-25 22:07:17
673Banská Bystrica, SK(JAF) - Warszawa, PL(Europa Worldwide)  Extra StatsTractors11,390KG 484.86KM196.4L€15,0240h 34m2020-07-25 15:36:32
672Cluj-Napoca, RO(Europe Airpost) - Banská Bystrica, SK(DHL)  Extra StatsComputer Processors3,854KG 714.23KM287.0L€33,1270h 57m2020-07-25 12:55:35
Total Deliveries: 344

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